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Our services give you the hosting you need for your community including Discord Bot Hosting and Minecraft Hosting. We also provide setup services for discord bots and more, checkout our services section!

Group of virtualized servers
Ready for heavy duty
Ensure your applications and servers stay up and functioning at all times with complimentary features
High Disk Space Limit. To ensure that your server can be set up with no strain on disk space for all your server files!!
Unlimited Bandwidth. Giving your servers the powerful ability to transfer plenty of data with no restrictions!
Free SQL Database. For storing your servers precious data and statistics!
450MB Max Upload. Letting you upload all the files you require, without any delay!
Powerful Intel i7-7700k CPU. Making sure your servers run at the fastest speeds possible!
Dedicated RAM. Powerful dedicated RAM usage so that your servers can cache all necessary data!
Group of virtualized servers
Manage your hosting with ease
Manage your hosting with the utmost confidence
Custom Pterodactyl Control Panel. The easiest, most professional server control panel out there!
Dedicated Support. For help installing anything you require on your server, just send us a message!