CodersLight - Terms of Service (TOS)

Effective as of October 9, 2018.



Welcome to the CodersLight Terms of Use agreement. For purposes of this agreement, “Site” refers to the Company’s website (, “Service” refers to any of the Company’s services accessed via the Site or any of the Company’s official products. The terms “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to the Company. “You” refers to you, as a user of our Site or any of our services.


The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED",  "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.


The following Terms of Use apply to any person(s) who view or use any of our services and/or are employed or volunteering at CodersLight.


Please review the following terms carefully. By accessing or using any of our services, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use in their entirety, you may not access or use any of our services. By downloading and/or installing any of our official products, using any of our services, and/or officially being employed or volunteering at CodersLight, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.




Any and all of our products will be found on our website or on services including (but not limited to) Google Play and the iOS App Store signed as “CodersLight LLC.”




If you wish to be employed as a CodersLight Developer or Graphic Designer/Digital Artist you MUST meet the criteria as listed below:



If you have any questions about the standards listed, please contact us at



If you wish to volunteer as a Developer or a Graphic Designer/Digital Artist you MUST meet the criteria as listed below:



If you have any questions about the standards listed, please contact us at




All employees will receive a payment based upon their contribution to any official CodersLight services and/or assets in the previous month. Employees will be paid via PayPal by the 3rd business day each month. Commissions will be distributed equally between all contributing employees after a 20% deduction for company expenses (See below).




CodersLight reserves the right to terminate your employment for any reason in which the company sees fit. If CodersLight chooses to terminate your employment, you will receive any due payments, and have any of our complimentary employee/volunteer services revoked.




All commissions will undergo a 20% deduction for company expenses which include but are not limited to: Payment of Administration, funding for domain/VPS, any official company events




CodersLight offers a custom Discord bot creation service as well as custom logos/banners/thumbnails.




If you choose to purchase any of CodersLight’s official services, you will be invoiced and the full payment will have been received before your official service is provided. If our team can not complete the service that was ordered, you will receive a full refund into your chosen payment method within two business days of the services ordering date.



Any and all other decisions will be made by the CodersLight founder and/or the CodersLight administration team.


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All content excluding external libraries is property of CodersLight and may not be redistributed in any way without explicit permission.